The " Domaine des Rouges Queues" Estate is located in the south of the famous Côte d'Or in Burgundy, in a small village of 170 inhabitants called Sampigny les Maranges.

Tucked away discreetly at the foot of a hill with the " La Cozanne" stream running through, the Maranges valley has always warmly welcomed wine lovers and walkers.

Maranges is one of the most recent appellations in Burgundy and officially launched on May 23 rd 1989. The Maranges appellation groups together the three communes of Cheilly les Maranges, Dezize les Maranges and Sampigny les Maranges. 

When we arrived here in 1998, the estate consisted of only one acre of Maranges rouge. Over the years the estate has grown and today produces several over appellations.


From the very beginning we have always worked our vines in full respect to the soil and undersoil.
Our philosophy is to harvest healthy grapes so that their full flavor and nuances can be expressed in our wines.

Each vineyard plot is therefore worked according to its characteristics ; some are ploughed, other naturally weeded. The vines are ploughed in the spring and the earth under the vine base is loosened in summer.
Most of our vines are trained in single "cordon" growth and are de-budded in spring. At the beginning of summer we thin-out the foliage by removing the new young branches.
Since March 2008 our vineyards have been in the conversion phase 
for organic (ecocert certification) and biodynamic agriculture.


Harvesting is done manually with a small team;
 generally 10 cutters and 2 carriers. 
Sorting is already carried-out on the vine in order to select the best grapes.

Red wine vinification

Once the harvest gets to the winery, the grapes are partially  destemmed. Fermentation occurs in oak barrels. Short cold soaking for 2 to 4 days, depending on the vintage.  No yeast is added during the process, and according to the year, several "pigeages"  and pumping over the cap are carried out. 

After 12 to 14 days soaking, the juice is transferred to oak barrels for ageing which can last approximately 12 months for reds.

For the 2009 vintage, the duration was extended to 18 months and bottling was planned for the end of March 2011.

White wine vinification

At the winery the Chardonnay grapes are crushed and pressed. The juice is put into stainless steel vats for 12 hours of settling ( separation of juice and large organic matter such as stalks).

Following racking, the juice is transferred to oak barrels for fermentation. Ageing in the barrels lasts for around 10 months for the white Hautes côtes de Beaune and for the white Maranges. 

The procedure is the same for the Aligoté except that the fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats.



Planted on marly limestone with a south-west exposure , we have to different vineyards for our Hautes Côtes de Beaune; one with an area of 9.800 M2 which worked on since 2002 and which is about 50 years old, and 5.000 M2 vineyard which we planted ourselves in 2000.
Clay and limestone soil with pebbles on the surface. Vineyard south-east exposure with a surface area of 8.200 M2  and was acquired at the as the Santenay , in 2006. The vines here are 40 years old

Clay and limestone soil located at the foot of the slope. South-southwest exposure. This vineyard plot has a surface area of 3.600 M2 and is approximately 50 years old. The vines are planted at a density of 10.000 per 90 acres. 
This vineyard has been in the estate since 206.The harvest is done manually in one morning with our team of 10 

harvesters and 2 carriers.

It is thanks to this vineyard that the estate came into existence in 1998. Our Maranges vineyard covers 2.5 acres and is planted on marly limestone with granite residue. This vine has an average age of 70 years and is exposed south-south-east.

This vineyard is planted on clay, limestone and sandstone soil, on a steep east-
orientated slope at the edge of woodland. We have been taking care of this 50 year old half-acrevineyard since 2003. At the estate, the grapes are pressed,followed by settling  for 12 hours. Aeging for 12 months in peviously-used oak barrels.

This small vineyard covering 800M2 was planted by us in 2005
on a clay, marly limestone and granite soil. The vineyard is orientated  south , south-east.
The total surface area of the white Maranges appellation is only just above 50.000 M2 (12.5 acres), so we are deligthed with our small vineyard.Only 283 bottles for 2013.
Since 2012 we have 3 more vineyards.
Maranges 1er cru La Fussière

Maranges 1er cru Clos Roussots
and Maranges"vigne blanche"